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Marketing is the process to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer. This section is dedicated to marketing project ideas, Mba marketing projects for students, final year marketing project report sample, Mba marketing project topics, Mba marketing projects, Mba marketing project list, marketing projects download.

Web site and customer value from a marketing perspective

The goal of this dissertation is to locate the real key factors of website which influence customer price. Through literature review, we discover the role of website from the marketing perspective is usually a medium of selling, improving the marketing mix and endowing the marketing mix with extra features; we also discover that customer value is usually a comparison advantageous and price, having both psychic value and utility value and within the whole customer activity.... Contents: Web site & amp customer value from a marketing perspective 1 Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Definitions 1.3 Problem & Purposes 1.4 Limitations 1.5 Outline 2 Methodology 2.1 Research philosophy 2.2 Research approach 2.3 Research strategy 2.4 Summary 3 Theoretical framework 3.1 The role of web site from a marketing perspective 3.1.1 Marketing 3.1.2 Marketing mix 3.1.3 Internet & E-commerce 3.1.4 Internet marketing 3.1.5 Internet marketing mix 3.1.6 Web site and Internet 3.2 Understanding customer value 3.2.1 The customer value coming from comparison 3.2.2 The customer value involving psychic value and utility value 3.2.3 The customer value covering the whole … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial activity under market regulations: A qualitative study about entrepreneurship in the Swedish brewery industry

Sweden includes a lengthy custom of strict booze guidelines and industry restrictions have been used in order to maintain down the consumption between the public. The state has handled the industry through monopolies and high booze taxation. When Sweden joined countries in europe four of the five monopolies were abandoned. At the exact same time period entrepreneurial micro-breweries did start to enter the market. The market is regulated by a retail monopoly (Systembolaget) and regulation considering marketing and manufacture of booze items. The purpose of the study was to investigate how the regulations have impacted the entrepreneurs in the current market and which strategies they are using in order to compete with the big breweries that are dominating the industry. Further, because it is an industry still under growth, the difficulty of legitimacy for new industries is also contained in the study.In order to develop the understanding of how the entrepreneurial process might resemble and which strategies that are readily available at an initial phase in the task a theoretical framework was constructed. Including concepts about chance discovery and creation, market driven or … [Read more...]

Marketing of Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products in a Deregulated Swedish Pharmacy Market

The dissertation (Marketing of Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products) will offer a explanation of this old Swedish NRT marketing mix, an explanation of the current plans of Swedish NRT marketers for that marketing mixture of their goods, and also the present marketing combination of the previously deregulated pharmacy markets in Finland and Norway. The idea is to always create conclusions about how marketers of NRT products could change their marketing add reaction to the deregulation to the Swedish pharmacy market. This dissertation uses a descriptive method. Interviews are utilized as the resource for primary data. It is because a number of the information desired right after isn't easily available and cannot be located through secondary data.Investing arenas are mature only in the thoughts of the actors in the marketplace. Because of the deregulation the industry appear to be a strategic window for virtually any innovative, aggressive marketing entrepreneur who would like to radically change his or her position in the market. NRT marketers could make an attempt to design a brand new, more aggressive strategy and deal with the rest of the Ps to unhinge what appears to be regarded … [Read more...]

Creating an Information Exchange Network

Marketing intelligence is a modern day concept within MNCs. Its meaning and magnitude is not entirely obvious, making it complex to utilize. In investigation, it is clear that marketing intelligence as an entity isn't greatly discussed. Intelligence prevails in various concepts where researchers’ are not clearly differentiating between the differences. This thesis starts with bringing marketing intelligence in its entity considering information exchange, which is a base for intelligence. Obviously, there was no active notions in this theme. It was thus required to recognize quite a few features connected to the marketing intelligence process (MIP). Theories for every feature were put into a context, and a theoretical platform was conceptualized. The theoretical design results in a basis for how to structure the MIP in order to effectively use intelligence in the decision-making process for an MNC. To be able to study how MIP needs to be utilized in an MNC, Volvo CE International AB is the chosen case company. Volvo CE International AB’s marketing intelligence approach was reviewed in order to identify critical elements for planning and strengthening it. The study is conducted on a … [Read more...]

Consumer trust, perceived value and behavioral intention in online auctions

This project investigates the relationships between consumer trust, perceived value and behavioral intention in online auctions. The author intends to integrate the socio-psychology, marketing and economic theories for understanding how consumers conceptualize trust and how it affects their perception and intended behavior. Online auctions is chosen for study because the context of consumer-to consumer (C2C)... Contents CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research Problems 1.1.1 Mechanism of Online Auctions 1.1.2 Importance of Consumer Trust in Online Auctions 1.2 Justifications for this Research 1.3 Delimitations of the Research 1.4 Assumption 1.5 Definition of Key Terms 1.6 Research Methodology 1.7 Outline of the Study 1.8 Summary of the Findings CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Theoretical Background 2.1.1 Information Asymmetry 2.1.2 Opportunism 2.1.3 Game Theory 2.1.4 Institutionalism 2.1.5 Transaction Costs 2.1.6 Social Exchange Model 2.1.7 Decision Theory 2.2 Literature Review on Trust 2.2.1 Role of Consumer Trust 2.2.2 Definition of Trust 2.2.3 Typology of Trust 2.2.4 Consumer Trust Building Process 2.2.5 Attributes of Trust 2.2.6 Determinants and … [Read more...]

Relevance of Internal Branding: A Second Thought

The purpose of this study is to introduce the concept of internal branding, define it and discuss its relevance. The objective is (1) to put together the reasons why internal branding is indispensable and explain them systematically, (2) to introduce a critical perspective regarding the implementation process that internal branding entails, and (3) to check if the theory is reflected on to the empirics within this context... Contents I. Introduction: Why Internal Branding? II. What is Internal Branding? III. Relevance of Internal Brand Management Supportive Perspective Critical Perspective IV. Methodology V. Case Analysis Empirical Findings Case Analysis Supportive Perspective Critical Perspective Discussion VI. Limitations, Suggestions for Further Research and Conclusion References Appendices Author: Altas,duygu Source: Stockholm School of Economics Download This Report … [Read more...]

The role of leadership in knowledge transfer

The purpose of this study is to introduce the concept of internal branding, define it and discuss its relevance. The objective is (1) to put together the reasons why internal branding is indispensable and explain them systematically, (2) to introduce a critical perspective regarding the implementation process that internal branding entails, and (3) to check if the theory is reflected on to the empirics within this context. Following a deep literature survey about internal branding, branding and other related organizational and marketing issues; six supportive and critical points were put forward. Next, through a single case study on a service business, these twelve points were tested through detailed interviews with ten current and former employees of the case company to see if they empirically exist. All the supportive points were substantiated through this qualitative study, and the critical points were found valid but proactively dealt with by the case company in order to avoid them to hinder the internal branding process. The conclusion is that internal branding... Author: Zhang,zhen Source: Stockholm School of Economics Download This Report … [Read more...]

Market Orientation as a Branding Strategy

The fashion industry has evolved noticeably over the past few decades. Fashion products that used to be luxury items are now considered as basic commodity products and bought by almost all segments of the society. Factors that may contribute to this growing demand for fashion products is the continuous low prices that may be brought about by an increasing number of target markets and transferring the production sites to developing countries... Contents INTRODUCTION THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK BRAND AWARENESS FASHION JOURNALISM / MEDIA ADVERTISING MARKET ORIENTATION STRATEGY CUSTOMER FOCUS COMPETITOR FOCUS INTERFUNCTIONAL COORDINATION MARKET ORIENTATION AND BRANDING MODEL METHODOLOGY MARKET ORIENTATION STRATEGY ZARA ADVERTISING STRATEGY BENETTON MANGO TOPSHOP METHOD FASHION MEDIA DATA GATHERING ANALYSIS OF DATA DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEDIA DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXPOSURE ADVERTISEMENTS CONCLUSIONS - -- - - - - - -- - - - Author: Hägglund, Charina Montemar Source: Uppsala University Library Download This Report Download URL 2: Visit Now … [Read more...]

How To Create Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction in Business-to-Business relationships

This thesis aims to increase the understanding for how customer satisfaction is created in business-to-business relationships in the copying machine and IT sector. A second objective is to contribute to the small, yet growing literature on the topic of satisfaction in business-tobusiness settings. In order to accomplish this, one company in the copying machine and IT sector has been used as a base and its customers have been the focus of the study. The results show that if the expectations the customers have of the product are met, the customers are likely to be satisfied. Furthermore, parts that have a high influence on customer satisfaction are technical support, the products’ quality, the product’s user-friendliness and availability of the staff. The part that contributed the most to customer satisfaction was how the staff treatedthe customers. The parts which contributed the least were selection of products, handling of invoices and delivery times. Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROBLEM FORMULATION 1.1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDIED COMPANY AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH CLIENTS 1.2 PURPOSE AND RESEARCH QUESTION 2. A FOUNDATION FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 2.1 WHY IS CUSTOMER … [Read more...]

Internet Banking in Greece: Development, Evaluation and Perspectives

Revolutionary developments in marketing, information and communications technology continue to transform the banking and financial industry. Distribution of banking services through the Internet is an important part of this transformation. The objectives of this thesis are mainly to examine the role, which Internet banking can play as a new distribution channel of banking services for the benefit of both financial institutions and customers in Greece. The study explores the growth in on-line banking services and the ways in which financial institutions in Greece can take advantage of Internet technology to offer successful and cost-effective banking solutions. Moreover, this thesis addresses the key issues of concern to the banks regarding their strategic positioning and the products/services they offer or could offer on the Internet. Technology can help banks build an integrated delivery strategy for effective multi-channel management.... Contents CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Background 1.2.1 Structure of the financial system in Greece 1.3 Problem Formulation 1.4 Methods 1.5 Thesis Outline CHAPTER TWO: AN OVERVIEW ON THE USE OF THE … [Read more...]

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