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Engineering is skill and profession of applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people. This section is dedicated to engineering projects, engineering project ideas, engg project sample, final year engineering projects, engg project topics, engineering project list for students, engineering project titles.

Measurement and comparison of clustering algorithms

Within this report, a variety of clustering algorithms are described in addition to their workings explained. These are in comparison to one another by implementing them on quantity of graphs having a known architecture.These clustering algorithm, inside the order they're implemented, are listed below: Nearest neighbour hillclimbing, Nearest neighbour big step hillclimbing, Best neighbour hillclimbing, Best neighbour big step hillclimbing, Gem 3D, K-means simple, K-means Gem 3D, One cluster then one cluster per node.The graphs are Unconnected, Directed KX, Directed Cycle KX and Directed Cycle.The outcomes of those clusterings are compared to each other well based on three criteria: Time, Quality and Extremity of nodes distribution. This permits us to discover which algorithm is the most appropriate by which graph. These artificial graphs are then in contrast to the reference architecture graph to achieve the conclusions. Contents: Measurement and comparison of clustering algorithms 1. INTRODUCTION 2. CLUSTERING ANALYSIS 3. CLUSTERING ALGORITHMS 3.1 HILLCLIMBING ALGORITHM 3.1.1 Nearest neighbour 3.1.2 Nearest neighbour big step 3.1.3 Best neighbour 3.1.4 Best neighbour big … [Read more...]

Inductive Pulse Generation

Pulsed power generators are a major element in efficient devices for era of high-power micro waves (HPM). HPM era by virtual cathode units such as Vircators put high needs on the resource. The increase efforts and the heart beat entire source current are two key troubles in the age group of HPM radiation. This dissertation represents the development and tests of various inductive high power heartbeat generators. The beat generators specified for with the intent to supply a pulse with fast rise time and rectangle-shaped voltage. Therefore, the pulse generators are all centered on discharges of transmission lines. The indication traces included in the pulse generators are modern high voltage wires normally used in power transmission. All screened pulse generators have boost transformers as intermediate magnetic energy storage. Further, the beat generators have led to the data of compact patterns. Contents: Inductive Pulse Generation 3. Introduction 3.1 Thesis Aim 3.2 Inductive Pulse Generator 3.3 Cable Technology 3.4 Transformers and Pulse Forming Lines 3.4.1 Transformers 3.4.2 Pulse Forming Lines 3.5 Closing Switches 3.5.1 The magnetic switch 3.5.2 The thyristor 3.5.3 … [Read more...]

Case study of a contract system: considering pulp prices from 1996-2006

Sodra Cell sells 1 900 000 ton pulp each year. Out of this 490 000 tonne incorporates legal contract system with different pricing index called PIX NBSK. This index was launched in 1996 and reflects the cost of pulp from conferious forest. We study the NBSK PIX worth of softwood from October 1996 to December 2006. People employed in this branch know that there's strong periodicity within the prices. We use predictive analysis to find out if clients can benefit from the periodicity and make use of the choices in the contract system Södra offers today. We conclude that the drawback for that current contract method is that there are a lot of contracts equal in porportion towards the duration time which is 1 year for many contracts.... Contents: Case study of a contract system: considering pulp prices from 1996-2006 1 Introduction 1.1 Introducing Södra 1.2 Key products 1.3 Södra Cell 1.4 The PIX-index 1.5 The contract system 1.6 Our contribution 2 Methodology 3 Growth in PIX prices 3.1 Discounting 3.2 Linear approximation 3.3 Hypothesis testing 3.4 Resul 4 Comparison of contracts 4.1 Holding the same contract - long run effects 4.2 Change contracts - a possible to … [Read more...]

Optimisation of a Graph Visualization Tool Vizz3D

Vizz3D is really a graph visualization tool developed at Växjö University. It's utilized to visualize different factors of software systems in 3D, depending on the static analysis of source code. It could optionally use Java3D or OpenGL like a graphics library To be able to visualize huge 3D structures performance is essential. This originates from the truth that the structures need to be redrawn without delay whenever a user interacts using the system. If there were clearly a delay the consumer would loose the cognitive orientation because his interaction and also the feedback wouldn't fit. Vizz3D wasn't competent to run huge visualizations fast enough, therefore careful optimisation was essential.... Contents: Optimisation of a Graph Visualization Tool Vizz3D 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 CONTEXT 1.2 PROBLEM 1.3 GOAL 1.4 CRITERIA 1.5 OUTLINE 2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION 2.1 THE OPENGL API 2.1.1 Software Implementation 2.1.2 Hardware Implementation 2.1.3 The OpenGL pipeline 2.1.4 The OpenGL State Machine 2.1.5 OpenGL wrappers 2.1.6 Alternatives to OpenGL 2.2 VIZZ3D 2.2.1 The Application 2.2.2 The Structure 2.3 SUMMARY 3 ENSURING THE MAINTAINABILITY OF VIZZ3D 3.1 CREATING A … [Read more...]

Coplanar waveguide components and their applications in microwave circuits

This dissertation protects the microwave factors and circuits employing coplanar waveguide (CPW), that is one of the most important transmission line media commonly used in current wireless interactions. The research focuses on five different applications of CPW to be discussed in the following sections. Chapter 1 is a historical review of Coplanar waveguide CPW and its characteristics. Compared with microstrip line (MSL), Coplanar waveguide CPW has merits of easy access to the ground plane, simple shunt connection, wide impedance range, substrate thickness insensitivity, low dispersion and phase inversion capability. These merits have been fully utilized in the following applications of CPW components and circuits. Chapter 2 presents a basic structure etched on the centre line of CPW. It works as photonic bandgap (PBG) structure with the characteristics of low pass, slow wave and band stop and is named as compact CPW resonant cell (CCRC). Two other forms of CCRC, the finite ground CCRC and the defected ground CCRC, have been developed. All of them share the features of PBG structures. Parameters studies manifest ways to control the bandwidth of the stop-band, return loss of the … [Read more...]

Road user charging for heavy goods vehicles – Implementation aspects

Many elements have influenced the development in charging of heavy items vehicles in Europe. European legislation is modified plus the political will is strong in several countries. People awareness and acceptance is big for that really need to put a cost and a cost for the usage of infrastructure. Environmental concerns are usually actuating alternation in this direction. Systems are now being shown support and enhance principles of marginal cost, fair pricing, inclusion of emission factors also to support modal shift. It really is laid the basis for the payment will for great technical solutions in the area of road user charging.This licentiate thesis is aimed at analysing and identifying the most crucial factors and areas to concentrate on for reaching an excellent implementation of a system for charging heavy goods vehicles depending on distance and marginal cost. These are a series of: - Public acceptance and employ of opportunities and public opinion - The political process and the most important decision points - The legal framework before and through introduction and also for operation of the system - The institutional framework - Responsibility assignment - System … [Read more...]

First-principles calculations of long-range intermolecular dispersion forces

This report reveals first-principles calculations of long-range intermolecular distribution efforts among two atoms or molecules as expressed in conditions of the C6 dipole-dipole distribution coefficients. In a group of publications, this has been shown by us which the complex linear polarization propagator method provides accurate ab initio and first-principles density functional theory values to the C6 distribution coefficients as compared to those noted during the literature. The chosen samples for that investigation of dispersion interactions in the electronic ground state are the noble gases, n-alkanes, polyacenes, azabenzenes, and C60. It really has been shown the fact that proposed method could also be used to discover dispersion energies for species of their respective excited electronic states. The C6 dispersion coefficients for the first p ? p* excited state of the azabenzene molecules have been obtained using the adopted method in the multiconfiguration self-consistent field approximation. The dispersion energy of the p ? p* excited state has a smaller footprint r than that of the ground state. It is discovered that the characteristic wavelengths ?1 defined in the … [Read more...]

Decentralized resource brokering for heterogeneous grid environments

The appearance of Grid computing infrastructures enables researchers to shareresources and collaborate in additional efficient ways than before, despite belongingto different organizations and being geographically distributed. As the Gridcomputing paradigm offers new chances, this also brings about newdifficulties. This thesis investigates techniques, architectures, and algorithmsfor a variety of topics in the market of Grid resource management. One studiedtopic is how you can automate and enhance resource selection, despite heterogeneityin Grid hardware, software, availability, property, and usage plans.Algorithmical troubles in this are, e.g., characterization of careers andresources, prediction of reference performance, and data placementconsiderations. Investigated Service quality components of resource selectioninclude the way to ensure job begin and/or completion periods and also how tosynchronize numerous helpful information for coordinated use through coallocation.Another explored research topic is architectural things to consider for frameworksthat simplify and automate submission, monitoring, and fault handling for largeamounts of jobs. This dissertation also looks into … [Read more...]

Combinatorial Exploration of Artificial Multiferroic Thin Films

Combinatorial functionality includes large throughput manufacture and rapid characterization of compositionally differing trials to hurry up the strategy of materials development. In this report, synthesis of composition distributes of artificial multiferroic thin film heterostructures composed of changing layers of (PTO) - (CFO) has become demonstrated using our combinatorial pulsed laser deposition (PLD) system. While in the spread samples, the typical composition changes continuously from pure PTO to genuine CFO so as we could notice the modifications in physical properties as the purpose of average composition. The coexistence of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties has been found in a huge extended region between pure CFO and PTO. Big surprise peak with the dielectric property has been observed in the center of multiplication, and it was recognized as the composition in which the ferroelectric phase transition transpires in PTO doped with CFO. Contents: Combinatorial Exploration of Artificial Multiferroic Thin Films 1.1 Introduction to combinatorial synthesis 1.2 Thin film fabrication 1.3 Combinatorial thin film synthesis using pulsed laser deposition 1.3.1 The set … [Read more...]

Human factors and wireless network applications: more bits and better bits

Think about a cab driver planning to watch a football game while working. Occasions in the sport can not be predetermined, the driver's available attentional resources vary and network connections alter from non-existing to fantastic, so that it will likely be required to build a viewing application which can adjust to circumstances. This thesis presents a method model and sketches a framework for design and run time variations. The model has three layers: user/usage, application and network. Service quality metrics are proposed for each and every layer. A specific emphasis is defined for the difference in between the user/usage layer and also the application layer. Satisfaction at the former means a career done well, a match performed the way you like etc. Fulfillment at the latter means great image quality, nice colours etc. The dissertation continues by identifying and describing elements needed to build the program utilised by the taxi driver.Three research is presented where either bandwidth or delay are varied at that network level. Video is superior the larger the bandwidth; animations can be employed for a complement. These are proved to be greater than lower quality video … [Read more...]

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